Home Visits With Students' Families Build Trust...And Hope.

One of the keys to the overall success of Sozo's work in Afghanistan is developing holistic relationships with the families we serve. This enables us to address a variety of needs and concerns across the generational range of a particular family. One of the ways we achieve these relationships is through our Family Outreach Program. This program provides an opportunity for Sozo staff members to enter the homes of our Sozo School students and interact directly with their parents and siblings.


Every week, 8-12 students are selected and at least one Sozo staff member makes a visit to their home. During this visit, not only is relationship and trust built, but Sozo staff members are able to assess challenges that might exist to a student attending school regularly, and specific health concerns in the home (especially related to the student – and provision of care in certain cases). The visit also gives them the opportunity to encourage family members (parents and older siblings) to enroll in Sozo’s vocational training programs or business administration program for young adults.


Additionally, 10 families who are deemed to have the most urgent need are selected each month and given an emergency food package, consisting of: 50 kg flour, 5 kg oil, beans, rice, and tea leaves, 1 package of salt, and 2 kg of sugar. These provisions will sustain the average family of 8 for about a month. (To help provide emergency food packages, which cost $55 each, please donate here.)



Another component of the Family Outreach Program is Sozo’s School Social Work Program. These visits target our older students in particular and allow for conversation about school needs and future goals. This program aims to keep students engaged in school now while encouraging their future education and goals and also opens the door for the student to consider enrolling in Sozo’s Business Administration Program for young adults, upon their completion of 12th grade.

We get feedback from families with whom we've built trust about their gratitude for Sozo School and how it has helped their children and family.  Seeing the transformative change in children lives and families encourages us as we continue to work in a difficult place, and we hope it encourages you, too. Please take a minute to watch the following video so you can hear from one Afghan mother about how Sozo programs have positively impacted her family.

Najibah's Story for Sozo International from Jon Melot on Vimeo.


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