Getting to know and care for families.


Sozo's Family Outreach Program provides an opportunity to develop relationships and assess the needs and resources of our students' families.

At the core of this program are home visits, which allow Sozo staff to not only spend more time with families but to connect parents to some of Sozo’s adult learning programs.

During these home visits, family needs are also assessed and every month 10 food-packages are distributed to some families with the biggest and most urgent needs. Students seen with special health needs can also be referred to the school’s doctor or to a specialist for further care.


Another component of Family Outreach is the new School Social Work program. These home visits focus on our older students and engaging them in questions about school needs and future goals. The aim of this program is to have our students engaged not only in school now, but also in their education in the future. As students grow, this will give them an opportunity to think about how their future goals can be reached. This program can also help to meet basic needs by delivering four food packages a month to those families who need it most.




  • Increase the number of visits per month
  • Hire specialized staff
  • Increase the number of food packages we can deliver

Getting to know and care

for families.