Adults learning skills with dignity and hope.


One of the largest obstacles to a child receiving an education in Afghanistan is often a lack of employment for their parents or caregivers.


Through Sozo’s Economic Initiatives, Afghans are taught a trade that can become a source of income with dignity for their families, increasing the chances of their children achieving an education.


Sozo has developed a training center in Kabul to provide a place where adults, who are the parents or older siblings of our grade school students, come to learn new trades, which include plumbing, electrician, sewing or embroidery skills. All adult education programs include a literacy component.


In addition, we offer a Diploma of Business Administration for young adults (18-25), a two-year degree that provides training in business basics, computers, workplace skills and English.


These programs establish a relationship between Sozo staff members and the families we serve in the community that allow involvement and encouragement towards sustainable change.




  • Sponsor 1 Diploma of Business Administration (DBA) Student: $60/month
  • Provide a Sewing Machine: $60
  • Provide an Embroidery Kit: $35
  • Provide an Electrician Toolbox: $235


Adults learning skills with dignity and hope.